Dr. Elizabeth Nixon (Chiropractor)

Serving Central Texas since October 2009

Specializing in Pediatrics, Maternity, and Sports Injuries

Who is Dr. Nixon?

Dr. Nixon is a hometown Family Practice Chiropractor, born and raised right here, who specializes in all aspects of pediatric, maternity and sports injuries. While these are the practice's focus, she sees and treats patients of all ages with many different conditions. Dr. Nixon believes she owes chiropractic all the credit for her healthy childhood. Dr. Nixon began Chiropractic care when she was just 3 years old. A child's health is greatly affected by their daily activities, posture, and function of their nervous system. With chiropractic each patient has the potential to avoid problems associated with these. She says, "My goal is to be an advocate for children and their health care by educating parents about conditions that commonly effect children and young athletes." "I grew up playing soccer and dancing. I continued dancing through high school where I was a four year member and 2 year officer of my high school's drill team. In college it was the same show, second act, 4 year member and 2 year officer of my college dance team." The gymnastics and dance world is very familiar to her, and she knows firsthand some of the complications that can arise from these activities.

How is Dr. Nixon trained to help you, your family and your athletes?

After high school Dr. Nixon earned a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in General Biology from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas (2006). After completing her undergraduate degree she continued her education at Texas Chiropractic College where she earned a second Bachelors Degree; this time earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Advanced Human Biology. At TCC she also received her Doctorate of Chiropractic graduating Cum Laude and SECOND in her class (2009). While at TCC she did rotations in Houston's world renowned Texas Medical Center and with the Sports Medicine and Athletic Training Programs at Houston's Rice University. The hands on/real world training she acquired in these two settings has prepared her to care for Children and Athletes here in our community. After graduation Dr. Nixon has done many hours of continuing education learning specifics about Chiropractic for Children in the classroom and hands on with some of the leading Chiropractors in Pediatrics from San Francisco, California to Shelburne, Vermont. She also is the team Doctor for the Temple College Basketball program.

Dr. Nixon loves spending time with her Husband Alex, their son Jayden, daughter Jayley, and youngest son Jordan, who joined the family in late 2016, and their three dogs.